Historic 1812 Renovations

Lime Renovations have extensive experience in the intricate skills of historic renovations in the UK.

Dealing with English Heritage on some of the UK’s most protected buildings to create sleek modern living while maintaining the beauty and integrity of their origanal features.

The property below was originally built as a cotton store. It was named the Moscow Mill House, built in 1812. By clicking on any of the photos below you will be brought to a page explaining the history of the area in England. Because the landscape was originally a cotton farm and many of the structures held the cotton, this building was built with no timber, therefore it was totally fireproof, a necessity for the use of the property.

Today’s transformation of this historic building is amazing. It was a two year project, giving the property new life and preserving the historic charm, while incorporating a modern, sophisticated style.

It is this same skill and attention to detail that Lime Decor brings to Naples, FL.